Increase revenue
with cause-driven buyers

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Boosterville Merchants


Boosterville is an offers & loyalty platform that seamlessly connects merchants with cause-driven buyers…

to raise funds for their favorite nonprofits simply by using their credit card.

The Boosterville Advantage

Simply sign up your business location on the Boosterville platform, set the percentage you want to donate to worthy causes, and watch as the community comes in to support you while you support their organizations. With Boosterville’s analytical tools, you can see the real impact you’re having in the community.

There’s no need to worry about security with Boosterville, either. Both personal and financial data are protected under PCI Level 1 security, keeping you and your customers safe.

Benefits of using Boosterville

When you give back to the community, the community gives back to you. Businesses, schools and nonprofits using Boosterville can look forward to these perks:

Mobile App

Increased connectivity with buyers. No longer relying on archaic outdated marketing tools.

Greater Reach

Increased presence in the community. Your business is visible to all active nonprofits and their supporters.

Stronger Local Economy

Intentional purchases of cause-driven buyers boost the entire community. Increased revenue for businesses and nonprofit causes.

Flexible Contribution

Merchant can raise contribution percentages during off-peak times to increase sales.