3 Easy Steps to Promote the Boosterville Marketplace to Your Supporters

Jill Turcic Nonprofit

We’ve made it easy to promote OUR Marketplace on YOUR website. Add this button anywhere else you share fundraising opportunities.

1. Share this blurb anywhere you communicate fundraising opportunities to your supporters:

Do your online shopping at the Boosterville Marketplace to raise money for your group. Click here to get started: http://www.boosterville.com/marketplace.

2. Share this graphic along with the “blurb” in #1 above:

3. Forward this “snippet” to your webmaster (if you have one or ask someone you know in IT to help you) and add it to your website. It will look like the button below and will automatically link to the Marketplace.

<a href=”http://www.boosterville.com/marketplace?nonprofitId=​​”>
<img src=”https://media.boosterville.com/Marketing/marketplaceWidget.png”
width=”300″ style=”border:1px solid black” alt=”Boosterville&trade; MARKETPLACE”/>


The button will look like this:
For more information about Boosterville, contact us at info@boosterville.com. #BuyForGood