FAQs for Nonprofits

Boosterville makes it easy for supporters of nonprofit groups to raise money by using their eligible linked Visa credit or debit card to purchase things they want from participating businesses in their community.
When your supporters (we call them Boosters) make a purchase from a business in the Boosterville network, that business shares back a portion of the transaction. They’ll receive an immediate text message letting them know how much they raised and encouraging them to share their success with their friends on Facebook.
It’s a completely new way to raise money for nonprofits. No required selling of things that people don’t want or need like cookie dough, discount cards, wrapping paper, candy, etc. No administrative headaches managing the program. The only thing nonprofit groups need to do is remind boosters to buy from participating businesses.
While those events can generate funds for nonprofits, they are time consuming and limited to a particular day and time that may not be convenient for everyone. This causes your group to miss out on potential funds. Boosterville provides a way to raise funds anytime, year-round.
Yes! Boosterville will provide you with everything needed to quickly launch to your group including a custom text code and web link to share with your supporters. Your group will be pre-selected so that all your supporters need to do is link their eligible Visa card when setting up their account. Encouraging your “Boosters” to make a purchase at a participating business within the first week will show how easy it is to raise money for your group. 

The amount raised depends on the number of boosters supporting your group, as well as the purchases they make. For example, if you have 20 Boosters spending an average of $25 per month at participating businesses, you can earn approximately $6,000 per year, assuming an average 10% contribution by the business.
A direct deposit will be made monthly into your group’s bank account if we have your ACH information, otherwise a check will be mailed to you.
There is very little time needed to manage your Boosterville program but you can ensure the greatest success for your group by actively encouraging and reminding your supporters to participate. You’ll receive a monthly report showing the number of transactions made during the month and the amount raised. The money raised will be automatically deposited each month into your nonprofit’s bank account.
Yes. Your nonprofit must have tax-exempt status or be associated with a group that does. If you are unsure, send an email to info@boosterville.com, and we can help determine if your group is eligible.
Yes, your Boosters can tag individuals who are associated with the nonprofit group so that they receive credit for the funds that are raised.
Use the Boosterville mobile app or sign in on “Be A Booster” at www.boosterville.com to check out “Offers.” Your nonprofit will be sent regular updates about new businesses as they join the network that should be shared with your Boosters.
No problem, it’s quick and easy to add a business to the Boosterville network. Your group can also earn extra money by referring businesses that join Boosterville. Send us an email info@boosterville.com for more info or to suggest a business.
Boosterville suggests that businesses offer a 10% share on a $10 minimum purchase, although it is up to the business to set their own offer. Of that donation, a 7% marketing fee (as of October 1, 2017) is paid to Boosterville. Your nonprofit makes 93%!
Yes, currently Visa is the only payment card company that can provide the level of security required by Boosterville. We hope to add MasterCard, American Express and Discover in the future.
Yes. Downloadable Boosterville apps are available for both iOS and Google Play.