Local Communities Thrive When Fundraising Stays Local

Jill Turcic Business, Nonprofit

Here is an interesting message from the owner of Boosterville’s newest business, Village Mattress in Zionsville, Indiana.  Chris has observed a disconnect between well-intentioned school groups needing to raise money, and the neighborhood businesses.

“There is a movement toward “alternative” fundraisers, but the “mattress sale fundraiser” is one of the strangest.  It works like this — a salesman gets a large organization interested in this fundraiser, requiring use of the school gym to set up the sample mattresses.  Parents come to the gym and order mattresses in the one-day event, with a portion of the sale benefitting the organization.”  

Yes, significant money can be raised during this event BUT the legitimate community businesses who are sponsoring the little league teams, donating to silent auctions, and supporting their community in many other ways are losing potential buyers and therein lies the disconnect!  We need to keep our local businesses strong so our neighborhoods stay healthy.

That’s why Chris joined Boosterville. He can continue to support local nonprofits while driving traffic to his store.  He is essentially hosting a virtual mattress sale year-round by sharing back 10% with Boosterville ($25 min. purchase; $200 maximum share).

So, as we approach the gift-giving season, be intentional about where you spend your money. Boosterville’s technology makes it easy to locate merchants who give back, and easy for you to support your favorite local nonprofit group at the same time.

When you buy from Boosterville restaurants and retailers, it’s a win for them and a win for your favorite cause!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject, or answer questions about becoming a Boosterville business or nonprofit!  Please email me:  pam.cooper@boosterville.com — or call me at 317-689-8585.

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